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  • We provide outsourcing and consultation services to chemical industry covering all fields ( commodities, specialties, formulations, handling and transport).
  • We support you to be compliant with local and EU legislation.
  • We implement sustainable new and improvement projects .
  • We innovate by working in process and product lines with a zero defect approach.
  • We want to enable costumers focusing on their value-added activities.
  • We work in outsourcing on mandatory activities that steal energy and forces from the real business.
  • We support our clients finding the best solution to simplify their processes using a total quality approach.
  • We provide customers with a single point of contact for all of their efficiency and efficacy needs.

Let the Number Speak for Us and Our Clients

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  • I am a Process Chemist with 10 years of experience in chemical industry. I worked in various fields from big multinational oil companies in formulation chemistry to medium inorganic chemistry enterprises (heterogeneous catalysts, metal refining, chlorine and potash processes) developing innovative solutions for process and product improvements.
  • I work with multiple projects management and innovation techniques such as Six Sigma, Lean Thinking and Agile Development and during my work I developed a bespoke toolkit specific for chemical enterprises .
  • I have a specific experience also in REACH legislation, toxic gases handling and Dangerous goods transport (ADR legislation): I have all the relevant licenses to operate with these topics.


Project Management

6sigma approach
PDCA scheme
Design of Experiments
Lean Chemistry

Operational Excellence and Innovative process chemistry

Value Stream Mapping
Zero defect approach
Agile Development Approach


Value and elimination of waste
Time management
Project management
Root cause analysis
PDCA cycle




ISO 9001
Definition of standards and KPIs
Total quality processes

Problem Solving

Investigational analysis on product defects
Root-cause analysis on process defects
A3 sheets
Process portfolio analysis

Every Consultation with Us is an

Opportunity to get to know a totally new approach to innovation in chemistry

Benefits for our clients

Excellence delivering through outstanding customer service implementation
Your team will be focused and R&D and real innovation activities.
We do the rest to be compliant with chemical legislation.
Save time and money using a process optimization approach
based on elimination of non-value-added activities
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