Legal Compliance


We offer a full range of services to meet the requirements of REACH:

  • Preparation of the Registration dossier for new substances supported by the best toxicologists  and analytical laboratories all over Europe
  • Direct relationship with consortia and ECHA
  • Support during substance evaluation step
  • Legislative updates over your registered substances
  • Training on how to cope with inspections


We provide you with an annual DGSA Compliance Performance Report for the transport of dangerous goods – a legal requirement in ADR for any undertaking working with dangerous goods and other additional services:

  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Classification of products (especially waste material)
  • Programs for safe handling of products
  • Training courses
  • External DGSA Appointment: we act as your safety advisor
  • Dangerous Goods Consultancy, covering road transport mode
  • Health check visits to ensure that you are aware of the rules regarding products you are manufacturing or transporting
  • Compliance visits
  • Legislation updates
  • On-site, telephone and email support as required
  • Incident investigation
  • Advice on packaging and vehicle requirements
  • The provision of site security plans and training
  • Quality assurance to ensure that your in-house DGSA is up to date




We provide support and services to companies in identifying their CLP regulatory obligations and in compiling the notification dossiers, authoring labels and in the re-classification of the substances/mixtures to meet the CLP requirements:

  • Review of material safety data sheets
  • Compilation of safety data sheet
  • Translation of safety data sheets
  • Translations of exposure scenario
  • Compilation of simplified safety data sheets (employee version)
  • Compilation of multilingual labels


ISO 9001

Definition of standards and KPIs

Total quality processes

We help you improving productivity by improving quality. We follow ISO rules in addition to our 5 key quality priciples which are:

  • All work is a process
  • Quality means meeting requirements
  • We focus on processes by measuring
  • Our standard is 100% right
  • The system for quality is prevention

Problem Solving

Investigational analysis on product defects

Root-cause analysis on process defects

A3 sheets

Processes/products portfolio analysis

We implement different problem solving tecniques based on both technical and managerial knowledge: for example, using Root Cause Analysis we address a problem or non-conformance, in order to get to the “rootcause” of the problem. We can help you using this tool to correct and eliminate the cause, and prevent the problem from recurring.

With Investigational analysis we offer a unique service to answer questions raised when your production/scale up testing results are not what you expected.

To use in the best efficient way your production capacity we offer also a specific analysis of your processes portfolio to find and prioritize the high value streams.

Project management

6sigma approach

PDCA scheme

Design of Experiments

Lean Chemistry

We take care of your improvement and innovation projects communicating about the scientific aspects of the project to relevant stakeholders, focusing on motivating the team members and planning, organizing, managing, and assigning resources so as to achieve a specific goal. As projects have gotten more complex and interdisciplinary, we can help you to balance all competing constraints and achieve the end goal of the project with our specific approaches and methods customized for the chemical industry.

Operational Excellence and Innovative process chemistry

We develop with you a bespoke operational excellence program, adding significant capacity on existing assets and generating valuable cost savings.

Using suitable tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Zero defect approach and Agile Development Approach we help your company identifying value leakage and loss from complex chemical processes and designing corrected solution accordingly.

We follow you during the implementation the countermeasures so as to make changes to shop floor and management mechanism, during when build up the best practices as well as your capability for sustainable long term impact creation. Examples of the work we perform include production process and workstation level diagnostic to address improvements in term of  yield, quality, process/variables optimisation.


Value and elimination of waste

Time management

Project management

Root cause analysis

PDCA cycle

We can provide training to your employees from shopfloor to high senior managment level giving you the opportunity to become independent from consultants. All people will be able to become innovators and problem solvers. We utilize techniques which go beyond Lean Six Sigma and balanced scorecard, structurally integrating performance metrics (reported from a process output point of view) with the processes that created them.  In addition, focus is given to undertaking organizational business enhancement efforts which are beneficial to improving KPIs that benefit the big picture.